Historic St. Mary's
Mission & Museum
est. 1841

OPEN:  MAY 5 - OCT. 15

Guided Tours
May 5 - October 15
Tuesday - Saturday 11 to 2

Gift Shop & Museum
May 5 - October 15
Tuesday - Saturday 11 to 3

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P.O. Box 211
315 Charlo Street
Stevensville, MT 59870

Historic St. Mary's Mission Brand, "Cross on a Hill" is one of the brands first used  in Montana.
The Historic Chapel
The rough exterior of the Chapel belies the beauty within. Fashioned after an Italian cathedral by Fr. Ravalli, most of the woodwork and statues were made by him. The attached buildings consist of a quarters for the Fr. Superior, a kitchen and dining room.
  1. St. Mary's Chapel at sunset
    Sunset at the Mission
  2. Inside the Chapel of St. Mary's
    Inside the Chapel
  3. Ceiling in the Chapel of St. Mary's
    Ceiling & Original Light Fixture
  4. Carving of the Virgin Mary by Fr. Ravalli
    Carving of the Virgin Mary
  5. Effigy of St. Ignatius by Fr. Ravalli
    Effigy of St. Ignatius
  6. Chapel altar in St. Mary's
    The Chapel Altar
  7. Original bell tower cross
    Original bell tower cross carved by Fr. Ravalli
  8. St. Mary's Chapel and attached buildings.
    Chapel and attached buildings
  9. The bell tower at Historic St. Mary's Mission
    The Bell Tower
  10. Dining Room attached to the Chapel
    Dining Room
  11. Kitchen area used by the Missionaries
    Kitchen area attached to Chapel
  12. Desk handcrafted by Fr. Ravalli
    Desk in Fr. Superior's quarters
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