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Learn more about the fascinating history of Historic St. Mary's  and the part it played in the formation of the State of Montana
St. Mary's in the Rocky Mountains
Mission Complex, Cross on a Hill brand at St. Mary's Mission
Stevensville, Montana site of Historic St. Mary's Mission
Where Montana Began
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The Historic Chapel at St. Mary's. This is the fourth chapel built by the Jesuits for the Salish people and settlers.An early photo of the Chapel and grounds.The Chapel interior. The influence of the Italian Renaissance on Fr. Ravalli can be seen in the bold colors he used.View of the altar from the choir loft.The chapel ceiling.Fr. Ravalli carved the statue of St. Mary from two pieces of wood . He used berry juice to stain the gown.Black robed statue is of St. Ignatuis, founder of the Jesuit Order.  The statue was constructed using an iron frame that was shaped and then draped with canvas. It was then covered with black tar and paint.  The head and hands are carved from wood.The original cross, carved by Fr. Ravalli  that sat atop the belfry was removed and placed in the Chapel to preserve it. it is backed by cloth from Fr. Ravalli's hometown in Ferrara, Italy.The current cross atop the belfry is a replica of the original.Restoration and maintenance is vital to preserve the historic buildings. Here the Chapel is being scrapped and sanded in preparation for painting.Residence for the Fr. Superior, Dining Room and Kitchen  are attached to the Chapel.The setting at the Mission always affords great photo opportunities.
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